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official presentation of the Calatayud Ladies Open, a new test of LETAS in Spain. It takes place on the Gambito Golf Club Calatayud course.

The Palace of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza has been the setting chosen for the presentation to the media of the Calatayud Ladies Open LETAS, which will take place at the Gambito Golf Club Calatayud on October 12, 13, and 14. An appointment begins with training and will continue with a Pro-Am, which will be followed by three days of competition with 102 players who will compete for leadership in the ranking and victory in the tournament.

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Among these 102 confirmed players, from 24 different countries around the world, the Czech Sara Kouskova stands out, as the undisputed leader of the ranking, followed by the German Patricia Isabel Schmidt, the New Zealander Momoka Kobori, and the Dutch Lauren Holmes.

On a national scale, the player from Malaga Noemí Jiménez stands out among those registered, tenth in the Ranking and who achieved an outstanding second position in the Rose Ladies Open, played at the Melbourne Club at Brocket Hall in England, just two weeks ago.

Calatayud Golf 762

The presentation was attended by Rosa María Cihuelo, delegate for Culture and Sports of the Zaragoza Provincial Council; José Manuel Aranda, Mayor of Calatayud; Jorge Piera, CEO and Founder of Galera Group; and Lucas Montaner, manager of Gambito Golf Club Calatayud.

Rosa María Cihuelo, delegate for Culture and Sports of the DPZ, has declared that it is a true luxury for the Zaragoza Provincial Council to have made this institutional collaboration, betting on sports of excellence and elite sport. In addition, she wanted to highlight everything that comes behind the practice of sport, even if it is not elite.

“The feeling of effort, of solidarity, of the ability to overcome, of integration… but in this case, in addition, that it offers us the possibility of showing, not only the participants but all the visitors, the beauty of our land, of Calatayud”, he said.

And referring to the festivities that are now celebrated in the Aragonese capital, he wanted to wink at the Patron Saint, whose national holiday coincides with the start of the tournament, saying that this year the Pilarica is not only dressed in flowers this year, if not that he grabs the golf club and cart to join this sports party.

The mayor of Calatayud, José Manuel Aranda, pointed out that a step forward is being made in the organization of Golf Tournaments, offering a space for the incorporation of women into Elite Sport, which puts Calatayud in the spotlight of other important bets to fight against the emptied Spain, thus thanking Gambito Golf for its work, for the sport’s commitment it develops in Calatayud and in the province of Aragón.

Continuing with the discursive thread of the mayor of Calatayud, Jorge Piera, CEO and Founder of Gambito Golf, wanted to emphasize that, for Gambito, this Ladies Open means achieving one of the great challenges that had been proposed and that it is possible to carry out thanks to institutional support. In addition, it highlights that, with this event, one more step is taken to put the region on the map, since, due to the success of participation, we got 102 ambassadors to walk the streets of Calatayud and talk about it around the world.

Gambito Golf Club Calatayud will host the celebration of the LETAS – Calatayud Ladies Open, for the first time in history, in a great celebration of women’s international professional golf, which will unravel a new edition of an event of maximum sporting prestige, and which combines at the same time the diffusion of the sports and tourist excellence of Calatayud in particular and the province of Zaragoza in general.

The Club thus advances, one more step, in its objective of placing Calatayud and the province of Zaragoza in general within the map of sporting excellence, collaborating together with the Calatayud City Council and the Zaragoza Provincial Council, institutions that will be the main official sponsors of the Tournament, to give a tourism-sports boost to the area and to publicize the cultural, historical and natural wealth of the capital of Bilbao and its surroundings.

The Tournament will also have the collaboration and sponsorship of other companies, without which the development of this event would not be possible: DF Grupo, Reale Seguros, Mahou-San Miguel, Auna Distribución, Aquara, SC Instalaciones, Veolia, Bodega Somos, Urbaser, Solán de Cabras, Schweppes and Ron Dos Maderas.

SOURCE: Tournament Organization

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