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PGA Golf: Players Championship 2025 Live Online On Apple Tv & Smartphones

Do you want to know how to watch The Players Championship live stream with or without cable? It is a lucky day for you because you are here. In this piece of work, you will find all the relevant information about the tournament, particularly the Players Championship 2025.

Ok, without wasting time let us jump into it.

The Players Championship is one of the most popular tournaments on the PGA Tour. It usually occurs annually and it is one of the events that has grabbed the attention of many.

This tournament, which is Often identified as the “fifth major”, due to its prestige and popularity, was started in 1974 and was initially identified as the Tournament Players Championship. The tournament is currently offering the highest prize fund compared to any other golf tournament. The US Open, $12 million purses are closer but still not more than the $12.5 million Players Championship purse.

The purse is usually high because the tournament features the top 50 professional players that can come from any part of the world. Though, they must be in the top 50 as per the world rankings.

While, the Players Championship is a non-official event, on the European Tour, this event that is staged in the US is having the most fans of all the tours. Maybe it is from its strong field of golfers or venue. Now we are going to discuss how to watch the Players Championship 2025 live stream with or without cable.

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The Players Championship 2025 Overview
Event Players Championship 2025
Start Date 11th March 2025
End Date 14th March 2025
Location Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Course Players Stadium Course
Broadcasters NBC Sports
Live Stream Watch Here

What date?

If you are waiting for the Players Championship 2025, then know that it will be live starting the 10th March and is expected to end on the 15th of the same month. So, this is the time you have to find some time to enjoy your favorite tournament.

Golf: Players Championship Where will be held?

Just like the previous versions, it has maintained the venue at the TPC Sawgrass from where it has been played there starting 1982. The TPC sawgrass stadium has been preferred all through these years for several reasons. First, it is among the most famous courses around the world. Second, it is the 17th hole course and poses challenges even to professional players.

Watch The Players Championship Live Stream 2025

You might be willing to watch the Players Championship live while it happens at the TPC snowgrass, but there might be a challenge that can deny you the chance of physically going to the venue.

At that point, you will be forced to look at an alternative means. While also, there are many ways that you can use to watch your favorite event officially, not all of them are affordable. In this section, we have considered one affordable and reliable option, which is live streaming. Below, learn about these streaming channels for the Players Golf Championship officially.

Golf: Players Championship Live on NBC Sports 

NBC Sports is a live TV launched by a video hosting platform with their NBC online TV, you can live to stream the Players Championship 2025 at the comfort of your home.

It can make a good option for those guys who are considering cord-cutting options as opposed to traditional cable packages. So, if you have been looking for the best ways you can enjoy your favorite tournament, without using the cable services, this is the option.

Streaming from NBC live TV is not that expensive. You will only have to pay $49.99 per month subscription and you will have access to major news, entertainment channels in return.

Golf Channel 

Golf Channel is another American sports television network that is owned by Golf Sports Group. This channel exclusively deals only with covering the sports of golf and it will cover this coming Players Championship.

So, you will be able to watch the Player Championship 2025 live stream from this channel. Though, you are required to be a subscriber before you access their content which is not too expensive. At only $9.99 per month, you will be able to Livestream your favorite sport.

Golf: Players ChampionshipLive @ Fox Sports

If you can’t access the above two options, you also can watch the Players Golf live streaming on The good thing here is that it is supported on most browsers, devices, and platforms.

Watch The Players Championship Live Stream Free Without Cable

I understand you might be having an idea of watching the Players Championship but face the limit of costly cable TV. For sure, your financial constraint should not be a limit to accessing and enjoying your favorite event, just like any other fan around the world.

More so, you can be inaccessible to cable TV, by all means, maybe due to your geographical location, you are traveling or the broadcasting channels are limited to your country. What I tell you today, whichever the circumstance you are in, below are online TV that you can try out and be able to access your favorite tournament.

Golf: Players Championship Live Stream on fuboTV

The first option on our list is fuboTV. They have a Golf channel and NBC in their packages where you can access the Players Championship gold live online. This implies that you can access the championship using any of your streaming devices and this can be a desktop, laptop, phone, or smart TV.

Moreover, streaming FuboTV can be grouped as affordable due to several reasons. First, it comes with seven days’ trial period for new users. After the expiry of the trial period, you will have to pay monthly.

Golf: Players Championship Live Online @ DIRECTV 

The second option on the list is DIRECTV, which also comes with a great sports package that features top sports channels such as FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN. Using, DIRECTV is also straightforward. You will only be required to register and be able to stream the Players Championship live with the trial period without paying anything.

More so, the TV is compatible with several platforms and devices. So, whether you have a local Apple TV, amazon fire, Roku, Chromecast, android, or IOS device, you will still be able to access it.

Golf: Players Championship Hulu with Live TV

This is another online option to consider. They come with up to 50 plus live TV channels, including top sports channels such as the Golf Channel and NBC. By registering, you will be able to live stream the Players golf via your phone, whether it is android, window, or Mac. Moreover, you can watch Hulu Live TV on your tablet, apple smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or any other streaming device.

Sling TV 

The online TV is accessible in two main bundles. The first bundle which is the orange package goes at $25 per month and the second bundle is a blue package and goes at $20 per month.

The advantage here is that both of the packages can give you access to live the Players Golf Championship.

Golf: Players Championship 2025 Live Stream YouTube TV 

This is the youngest of the above four options. It also features several subway channels which include CBS, FOX, and NBC. Moreover, they are also affordable. You will only be required to pay $35 per month if to access the services of YouTube TV.

Using VPN 

Though we have highlighted a variety of options through which you can watch the Players Championship 2025 live stream without cable, it can still be a challenge to access some of the options as per your current location. Most of the above options that we have featured are limited to location.

So, what is the way forward if you want to access them? There is no other option than turning to the service of a reliable VPN. Luckily, there are many options that you can consider. For us, we only look at the three topmost options that we are it is ideal for accessing any site, online channel or platform that will be broadcasting the Players Championship 2025.

  • Express VPN 

ExpressVPN is one of the top VPN services that you can use. Their impressive servers, reliable connections, and faster speeds are some of the things you will like about this VPN. Moreover, it is an option you want to have simultaneous connections.

  • IPVanish 

This is the second option that you can consider if you want to unlock any geo-restricted Players Championship content. They are boast of faster connection and privacy. Another notable thing about the IPVanish is its stylish and simple user interface. So, you will not find it a problem to use their app.

  • NordVPN 

This is the last option that is also ideal for you who want to watch the championship from anywhere around the world. The advantage, it supported on a variety of platforms.

To use any of these VPN, here is the setup process.

VPN Setup

  • First, choose, download, and install your preferred VPN
  • Signup, register, or log in if you are already having an account with your chosen option
  • Choose and connect to the most preferred server, from the list of available servers
  • Open the site, browser, or channel
  • Start watching the Players Championship LIVE!

How to watch The Players Live on Social Media?

Do you know that you can as well watch the Players Championship 2025 live on your social media handle? You ought to know this, starting today. Social media has been, another great information disburser. This can be affirmed by how some videos can go viral or trend on social media. Below we look at some of the social media platforms, where you get content about this coming Players Championship.

Golf: Players Championship Live On Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook is a well-known social media platform and with the fact that it has been of late included the option for live broadcasts, many people are searching it for live content. Along these lines, you can as well search the Players Championship 2025 live on Facebook and see the available options.

Golf: Players Championship 2025 Live at YouTube

It should be said that YouTube is a renowned platform that can guarantee the live broadcast of the Players Championship live 2025. This is from the fact that most of the channels to broadcast the event can be accessed through YouTube. For instance, you can subscribe to the golf channel on YouTube and be able to watch all of their posted content including the Players Championship.

Golf: Players Championship Live on Twitter

Just like Facebook, Twitter is also another popular social media platform that you can use to stay updated about this coming tournament. on Twitter you can follow accounts related to the golf tournament and at that point you can access some content ranging from short videos to photos live as the tournament happens.

Golf: Players Championship Live at Reddit

Reddit is additionally another platform that you can rely on if you want to catch up with everything that will be happening the TPC Sawgrass.

Watch The Players Championship Live in 4K 

Do you have to say an Apple TV, Roku, or Xbox device and now wondering if it is possible to watch the Players Championship live in 4k? it is very possible because there are many 4K alternatives. For instance, Hulu offers its content in 4K format and they have NBC, FOX Sport, and Golf channel in their packages.

Watch The Players Golf live on ROKU

Watching the Players Championship live on Roku is simple just like using any other streaming device. Roku can access online TVs such as Hulu, Sling, and FuboTV. This online TV has top sports channels such as FOX, Golf Channel, and NBC in their packages.

What Channel is the Players Championship on?

NBC Sports will air the Players Championship 2025 live from the TPC Sawgrass. The first thing is to know what channels you can tune to and enjoy all activities that will be taking place at the TPC, Florida between the 10th and 15th of march.

It remains that NBC Sports will air the Players 2025 live from the TPC Sawgrass. So, for watching the Players golf on DISH Network, it is Channel 159, on DirecTV is Channel 220 (SD/HD) & Channel 1220 (VOD), on AT & T U-verse is channel 640(SD) & 1640(HD and on Verizon Fios is on channel 90(SD) & 590(HD)

While it can also be a challenge to physically avail yourself at the TPC Sawgrass, it doesn’t imply that you are not eligible to cheer your favorite event like any other fan around the world. There are many ways of achieving this.

Streaming The Players using Apps

Using an app to stream the Players Championship is another cheaper option that is an alternative to using cable TV. Luckily, there are already available apps that will broadcast the tournament. Below, we talk about the three apps that you can download and install on your streaming device.

NBC Sports App

This app is a very ideal option for those who will not want to miss the Platers Golf tournament but will be traveling. Regardless of your platform, be it window, android, Microsoft, or mac, you can download this app from the play store, Microsoft store, apple store and install it on your device.

Golf Channel App

If you will be on the go but still want to get all the up-to-date news, crores, and notification, this is another app that you can download and install on your app. Just like the NBC Sports app, there exists a version for android, window, and mac users.

NBC Sports Gold

The NBC Sports Gold app aims to ensure that you enjoy your favorite content wherever you are. it eliminates the need to be close to a cable TV. By just downloading the app which can be found on the play store, google store, Microsoft store, or app store, and installing it on your portable streaming device, you will have the ready content anywhere.

Everything you need to know about The Players 2025

Just, in summary, the Players Championship is the most sought–after tournament on the PGA Tour. The event usually happens in March and this coming tournament is set on the 10th to 15th of march at the TPC sawgrass Florida.

Also, it is one of the much-anticipated events as it will feature the top 50 professional golfers who boast stiff competition to earn a lucrative purse of over $12.5 million.

The Players Championship 2025 will be broadcasted live on NBC, Fox Sports, and Golf can also be live-streaming from online TVs such as Hulu, FuboTV, Sling, and DirecTV.

How can I watch The Player Championship from the stadium?

Collect your golf tickets from online and enjoy The Player Championship.

Where will be played the Player Championship 2025?

The Player Championship will be held at Sawgrass, Stadium Course.

How many times held the Player Championship?

It will be the 47th Players Championship and it will be the 39th edition at TPC Sawgrass.

What month is played the Player Championship Golf?

Every year the Player Championship is played in March.

Who Won Players Championship 2019?

Rory McIlroy is the current Players golf champion

The Player Championship 2025

If you haven’t to any of the Players Championship, or if you have been but think you will never stand the test of missing any of its edition, then this year is another great opportunity for you as an enthusiast.

For you who love golf sport, the Players Championship 2025 will feature top golf professionals from all over the world. The stage is set this coming march and it will take place at its initial TPC Sawgrass venue.

In all sections of this piece of work, we will talk about the Players Championship 2025, and the information will include, how to watch, dates, venue, and so forth.

But before that, let us give you an insight into what happened in the last edition.

The Player Championship 2019

The Players Championship 2019 took place between the 14th and 17th of march at the initial TPC Sawgrass venue. It was the 38th edition at the stadium in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and the 46th version of the championship since its start.

Webb Simpson was the defending champion, though he failed to retain the title after finishing six strokes back, which landed him at the 16th position.

The title was taken by Rory McIlroy, who will be now the defending champion in this coming tournament.

If you want to watch Rory Mcllroy defend the title in the Players Championship 2025, there is no doubt that you are still in the right place.

We understand, that you might be looking for cord-cutting techniques that can still give you access to this coming Players Golf Championship. All in all, regardless of whether you don’t have a cable TV or have, we will also reveal some of the ways you can stream the tournament online and cut some costs.

The Players Championship Game Format

Every game has its format. For Players Championship, it is usually a typical stroke–play golf tournament, in which the player with the lowest scoring in the course of four rounds becomes the champion.

At the point where there is a tie say between some players after the four rounds, then the playoff is initiated and the tied players play six extra holes.


The tea times will be posted a day before the main event. We will update you as soon as possible.


While this coming Players Championship will see many elite golfers in the field it can be a challenge for those looking for odds regardless of whether it is for betting or just to know who will win.

For us, the American Brooks Koepka is our favorite with the highest winning odds. This can have derived from his top world golf rankings. Though, it is expected that he will face a challenge from Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods.


The Players Championship is currently offering the highest purse in the PGA tour and just like any other tour event, the prize has also increased. It has been increased from $11 million to $12.5 million and this will see the winner walk home with $2.25 million.


If you want to enjoy this coming Players Championship, getting yourself an earlier ticket can be a guarantee that you won’t miss out. While the facts remain that the tournament is the most sought after in the PGA tour, its tickets are selling at a high rate and the sooner you reserve your ticket the better.

In this circumstance, it is ideal for you to find a reliable seller offering the ticket. Moreover, you must get the most affordable deal. Though, this can be a challenge because there exist many fake sellers who want to broke or corn your hard-earned money.

So, if you need to get a genuine ticket, visit Moreover, you can buy from TicketMaster.


There has been a series of sponsors of the Players Championship or these years. The current sponsors are the Optum, Morgan Stanley, and Grant Thornton.

Grant Thornton signed a dual five-year agreement with PGA Tour, and this will see them as a proud partner as well as the official marketers of the event.

Final Words

We understand that you are willing to watch the Players Championship 2025 live and so, that is why you have read our content to an end. There is no doubt that we have given all the information that you have been looking for.

More importantly, you know how to watch the event wherever you are, whether at home or when traveling. We have also informed about how and where to get the tickets.

What you have now is to wait and enjoy your favorite event when you live.

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