louis oosthuizen GolferNet Worth 2023: Wife, Girlfriends, Salary & Income

Louis Oosthuizen Net Worth 2024: Wife, Girlfriends, Salary & Income

Louis Oosthuizen Born on October 19, 1982, in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Louis Oosthuizen (Lodewicus Theodorus Oosthuizen) grew up in a farming family. He started playing golf at a young age, and his talent was apparent from the beginning. He quickly rose through the ranks in the amateur golf world, ultimately turning pro in 2002.

louis oosthuizen GolferNet Worth 2023: Wife, Girlfriends, Salary & Income
louis oosthuizen GolferNet Worth 2024: Wife, Girlfriends, Salary & Income

Amateur Career

Oosthuizen’s amateur career was marked by multiple successes, including winning the All-Africa Junior Golf Championship and the South African Amateur Championship. His achievements earned him a spot on the Ernie Els Foundation, which provided him with valuable support to further his golf career.

Professional Career

In 2002, Louis Oosthuizen joined the professional ranks, competing on the Sunshine Tour and European Tour. He quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, earning his first victory at the 2004 Vodacom Origins of Golf Tour.

Louis Oosthuizen Family Life

Wife: Nel-Mare Oosthuizen

Louis Oosthuizen married Nel-Mare in 2007. The couple has been together ever since and often share glimpses of their life together on social media. Nel-Mare can frequently be seen cheering for her husband at his golf tournaments.

Nel-Mare’s Background

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen was born in South Africa, where she grew up in a loving and supportive family. Details about her early life, education, and career remain private, as she prefers to maintain a low profile.


How They Met

Louis and Nel-Mare met in their native South Africa and started dating in the early 2000s. Their strong bond and common interests allowed their relationship to blossom over the years.

Wedding Details

After several years of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family. Their wedding took place in 2007, and they have been happily married ever since.

Family Life


Louis and Nel-Mare are proud parents to three beautiful children: Jana, Sophia, and Emma. The couple is committed to providing a nurturing and loving environment for their kids, ensuring they grow up with strong values and a sense of responsibility.

Who Is Louis Oosthuizen Family

Balancing Golf and Family

Managing a professional golf career and a family is no easy task, but Louis and Nel-Mare have found a way to strike a balance. They prioritize spending quality time together, even if it means traveling as a family to various golf tournaments around the world.

Support System

Nel-Mare’s Support

Nel-Mare has been an essential part of Louis’ support system throughout his golf career. She is often seen cheering him on at tournaments and offering encouragement during challenging times. Her unwavering support has undoubtedly played a significant role in Louis’ success on the golf course.

Family’s Support

Louis and Nel-Mare’s families have also been incredibly supportive of their relationship and careers. They often provide assistance with childcare and other daily responsibilities, allowing Louis to focus on his golf game.

Friends’ Support

The couple has a close-knit circle of friends who provide additional support and camaraderie. Their friends often join them at golf tournaments, offering encouragement and celebrating Louis’ achievements.

Public Life

Media Appearances

While Nel-Mare generally prefers to maintain a low profile, she occasionally makes media appearances alongside her husband. She has been seen at various golf events and charity functions, where she demonstrates her poise and elegance.

Charity Work

Nel-Mare and Louis are dedicated to giving back to their community and supporting various charitable causes. They often participate in charity golf tournaments and events, raising funds and awareness for organizations close to their hearts.



Given the nature of Louis’ career, the Oosthuizen family has had the opportunity to travel extensively. They enjoy exploring new destinations, experiencing different cultures, and creating lasting memories together.


Nel-Mare is known to be quite the culinary enthusiast. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and preparing delicious meals for her family and friends. Her cooking talents are highly appreciated by those who have had the pleasure of tasting her creations.

Outdoor Activities

The Oosthuizens are an active family who relish spending time outdoors. Whether it’s going for a hike, playing sports, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll, they value the opportunity to connect with nature and stay active.


Louis and Nel-Mare are proud parents of three children: Jana, Sophia, and Emma. The family resides in their home country, South Africa, where they enjoy spending quality time together.

Career Achievements

Major Championship Wins

Oosthuizen’s most notable victory came in 2010 when he won The Open Championship at St. Andrews, becoming the first South African golfer to win the prestigious event since 2002. This victory catapulted him into the global golf spotlight.

Other PGA Tour Wins

Throughout his career, Louis Oosthuizen has accumulated numerous wins on the PGA Tour and European Tour. As of 2024, he has a total of 15 professional victories, including major championships and WGC events.

Playing Style

Swing and Technique

Oosthuizen’s golf swing is considered one of the most fluid and efficient in the game. His exceptional ball-striking abilities and consistent performance under pressure have earned him respect and admiration from fellow golfers and fans alike.

Golf Equipment and Sponsorships

Equipment and Brands

Louis Oosthuizen has an endorsement deal with PING, using their clubs and apparel throughout his career. In addition to PING, he also has deals with Titleist for golf balls and FootJoy for golf shoes and gloves.

Sponsorship Deals

Oosthuizen has inked sponsorship agreements with several big-name brands, including UPS, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolex. These partnerships have played a significant role in boosting his income and net worth over the years.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Golf Academy

Academy Overview

In an effort to give back to his community and help nurture future golf talent, Louis Oosthuizen established the Louis Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy. The academy, located in South Africa, provides promising young golfers with access to world-class facilities, coaching, and mentorship.

Philanthropy and Community Work

Apart from his golf academy, Oosthuizen is also involved in various philanthropic activities. He supports charitable organizations, such as the Els for Autism Foundation, and participates in charity golf events to raise funds for worthy causes.

Net Worth Breakdown

As of 2024, Louis Oosthuizen’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. This wealth has been accumulated through various sources, including:

Salary and Earnings

A significant portion of Oosthuizen’s net worth comes from his earnings as a professional golfer. With multiple victories on the PGA and European Tours, his prize money has contributed greatly to his financial success.


Louis Oosthuizen’s endorsement deals with major brands have played a substantial role in his net worth. These partnerships not only provide him with financial support but also help raise his profile in the golf world.

Louis Oosthuizen began his career as a professional golfer in 2002 and quickly gained recognition for his talent on the golf course. As he started to make a name for himself, he began to attract the attention of several major brands in the golf industry. In 2003, he signed his first endorsement deal with Ping Golf, which provided him with golf clubs and other equipment to use on the course.

Over the years, Louis Oosthuizen has continued to attract major endorsements from some of the biggest names in the golf industry. He has signed deals with brands such as Titleist, FootJoy, and Rolex, among others. These deals have helped to establish Louis Oosthuizen as one of the top players in the sport and have helped to build his brand both on and off the golf course.

Current Endorsements

Louis Oosthuizen currently has several major endorsements, including deals with Ping Golf, Titleist, and FootJoy. He also has a deal with Bose, which provides him with audio equipment to use while he is on the course. Additionally, Louis Oosthuizen has deals with several other brands, including:


Louis Oosthuizen has a deal with BMW that provides him with a car to use while he is on the road. This deal helps to promote the BMW brand and has helped to establish Louis Oosthuizen as a successful and well-respected golfer.

 Callaway Golf

Louis Oosthuizen has a deal with Callaway Golf, which provides him with golf clubs and other equipment to use on the course. This deal helps to promote the Callaway brand and has helped to establish Louis Oosthuizen as a top player in the sport.

 NTT Data

Louis Oosthuizen has a deal with NTT Data, which provides him with IT services and support. This deal helps to promote the NTT Data brand and has helped to establish Louis Oosthuizen as a successful and well-respected athlete both on and off the golf course.

ISPS Handa

Louis Oosthuizen has a deal with ISPS Handa, which provides him with financial support and promotes the brand’s commitment to supporting disabled golfers. This deal has helped to establish Louis Oosthuizen as a charitable athlete who is committed to supporting the sport of golf and helping others.

The Impact of Endorsements on Louis Oosthuizen’s Career

Louis Oosthuizen’s endorsements have had a significant impact on his career both on and off the golf course. These deals have helped to establish him as a successful athlete and have helped to build his brand both nationally and internationally. Additionally, these endorsements have provided Louis Oosthuizen with the financial support he needs to continue to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Real Estate and Investments

Oosthuizen has made several savvy investments in real estate, both in South Africa and internationally. These assets have helped grow his net worth and provide financial stability for his family.


Louis Oosthuizen has established himself as one of the most successful golfers of his generation. With a net worth of $20 million, a loving family, and a legacy that includes his golf academy, it’s clear that he has achieved great success both on and off the golf course.


How many major championships has Louis Oosthuizen won?

As of 2024, Louis Oosthuizen has won one major championship, The Open Championship in 2010.

 What is Louis Oosthuizen’s world ranking?

Louis Oosthuizen’s world ranking fluctuates based on his performance in tournaments. As of 2024, he has been ranked as high as 4th in the Official World Golf Ranking.

 Who are Louis Oosthuizen’s primary sponsors?

Louis Oosthuizen’s primary sponsors include PING, Titleist, FootJoy, UPS, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolex.

 Where does Louis Oosthuizen live?

Louis Oosthuizen resides in his home country, South Africa, with his wife and children.

What is the purpose of Louis Oosthuizen’s golf academy?

The Louis Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy aims to nurture and develop the golfing talent of young, promising golfers in South Africa by providing them with access to world-class facilities, coaching, and mentorship.

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