Rick Shiels with his wife and children

Rick Shiels Wife & Girlfriends: Is Married With Claire Shiels?

Rick Shiels, a name synonymous with golf enthusiasts worldwide, is known not just for his professional skill on the fairway but also for his endearing charisma off the green. The British golfing pro turned YouTube sensation has a charm that transcends the golf course, making him a household name in the sports world.

A Peek into His Personal Life

Now, you may wonder, who’s the lucky woman behind this successful man? Let’s uncover the layers and take a sneak peek into the private life of Rick Shiels.

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Meet Claire Shiels

Rick Shiels’ wife, Claire Shiels, is the enigmatic woman who has managed to capture his heart. A nurse by profession, Claire’s charm lies not just in her radiant smile, but also in her selfless personality. She is the epitome of beauty with brains, an enchanting woman who stole Rick’s heart.

The Love Story

Rick Shiels happily married his long-term girlfriend Claire Shiels. She rose to prominence as the wife of a YouTuber. Rick Shiels is best known as Youtuber; his official Youtube channel goes by Rick Shiels Golf. He is also a professional golf player.

Their love story started in their youth, during a time when Rick was still establishing his foothold in golf. Their journey, filled with support, mutual respect, and love, is a beautiful testament to their relationship’s strength and depth.

Rick Shiels wife

The Shiels Family

The Shiels clan does not stop at Rick and Claire. They have two adorable children who add joy to their lives and home.

The Kids

The couple is blessed with two beautiful kids whose laughter fills their home. These little ones not only inherit their parents’ good looks but also their love for life.

Balancing Family and Career

Balancing a high-profile career and family life is no easy feat, but the Shiels manage it with grace. They strive to create an environment filled with love and encouragement for their children, despite their professional commitments.

Rick Shiels with his wife and children

Exploring Ethnicity and Background

Diversity makes us unique. Let’s dive deeper into the Shiels’ roots.

Rick Shiels’ Roots

Rick is of British descent. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, he has made his nation proud with his accomplishments in golf and beyond.

Claire Shiels’ Heritage

Claire Shiels, too, is of British heritage. She epitomizes the grace and strength of British women, carrying her roots with pride.

Beyond the Camera: The Shiels at Home

The Shiels’ life off-camera is as heartwarming as their public image.

Family Values and Traditions

Family comes first for the Shiels. They value quality time, bonding over small, intimate family gatherings, and cherish every moment together.

The Bond That Ties

The bond that ties the Shiels is that of love, understanding, and mutual respect. Despite their hectic schedules, they prioritize each other, ensuring their bond remains unshaken.


Rick and Claire Shiels, beyond their successful careers, epitomize a loving, balanced family. Their journey, filled with love and camaraderie, shows that the essence of life lies in cherishing the simple moments with our loved ones.


Who is Rick Shiels’ wife?

Claire Shiels is Rick Shiels’ wife. She is a nurse by profession.

Do Rick and Claire Shiels have kids?

Yes, they are blessed with two beautiful children.

What is the profession of Rick Shiels?

Rick Shiels is a professional golfer and a popular YouTube personality.

What ethnicity are Rick and Claire Shiels?

Both Rick and Claire Shiels are of British descent.

What are the family values of the Shiels family?

The Shiels family values quality time, love, understanding, and mutual respect.

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